just dance

Disrupting goals in questing for truth via science, Mindfulness reinvokes less minded-ness, or, child brain.

The opposite of child brain, as a treasure of further questing, is what? If child brain is an act of approach with zero intention and expectation, an open confrontation with fully alien concepts, its opposite may be congested, oversaturated and overindulgent brain fuckery.

Imagine that you are starving. What is your food of choice? How many stars or Yelp reviews do you require of your food? Your stomach is too childish, too empty to care.

Imagine you are overweight. Eating has become complicated and the things eaten equally so.

Imagine you wish to imitate a language you’ve barely heard. Foreign complexity allows space for spouting incoherent idiocy. One fucking taste of rules, grammatical or otherwise, may ruin the delicacy, the joy of mimicking foreign sounds.

Imagine you are fluent. Complex words and accents allow you to pick out the childish and or foreign.

Imagine you suck at drawing. Now draw a cat.

Imagine you are an artist. Now draw a cat.

How about starting something new? Be starving, be inexperienced and spout idiotic incoherencies and do so, evading complexity, for as long as you possibly can. If you can spout idiocies for long enough, they will have been and will be yours, at the very least.

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