Not everything has to be perfect

Not everythign has to be perfect. The polite reminder that writing infrequently is Ok, that abandoning trains of thought and old posts is adequate if not expected behavior.

But I still want to write. Imperfectly if blatantly necessary. But everything needs a theme. This was going to be a reflection on my time abroad but that theme is too narrow. My training is in philosophy but, so far removed from my degree program, I no longer feel qualified. Maybe that’s wrong. Not everythign has to be perfect, not everything has to have scientific precision.

More importantly, likely, is to write about things I like and that come top of mind. Writing about my life is personal but also impersonal from presentation. Abusing time isn’t necessarily a reflection on time past but a continued struggle to recapture present activity, even amidst the most dull of contemporaneous adventures.

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