on time

The inspiration for the url comes from Nietzsche’s essay, “From the Use and Abuse of History for Life”. I’ve swapped “History” for “Time” to avoid the connotations behind a site called “the abuse of history”. Now, being stuck with abuse of time, I’m stuck competing with the self deprecating idea of wasting time, mine and yours. That’s not what I want, of course.

What do I want? I want to abuse my time. I want to utterly abuse my time exploring thoughts, my time traveling (through space, not time) and my time being nothing else than a vehicle for in- and digestion.

Being inspired by the aforementioned essay, I hope to also find a use of time. As it stands, time is abusing me such that I may only try to pick myself up and attempt to abuse it back. Once on equal terms, the two of us can begin discussing terms of use.